Shakti Parmar and Associates


Shakti Parmar
Shakti Parmar (GD.Arch., FIIA, AIID, MCA)

Mr.Shakti Parmar is the Founder and Chairman of Shakti Parmar and Associates. Mr.Parmar is a member of the COA and fellow member of the IIA as well as the IIID. Under his able guidance and leadership Lalita Shakti, a firm started forty years ago has matured today into Shakti Parmar and Associates having successfully completed prestigious projects in the Middle - East, India, Spain, USA, UK and France.

Mr.Parmar remains the chief designer and driver of the firm and responsible for all architectural design work that the office produces till date.

Devika Parmar
Devika Parmar (B.Arch. M.Ca.,M.ID)

Ms. Devika Parmar received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Mumbai.

She has also won the prestigious award for the best design in the Bombay University at Ahmedabad, she worked with leading Architects, Hasmukh and Bimal Patel and worked on projects like Multiplexes, factories and research laboratories for a pharmaceutical company.

She worked in Graz, Austria as a designer with Bamberger associates and worked on various projects on both Urban and Architectural levels all over Europe.

The projects included plaza design, schools and also the Australian embassy in Moscow.

She has also received master’s degree in Interior design from Florence, Italy and has been involved in many high profile design projects since then.

Oscar Parmar
Oscar Parmar

Mr.Oscar Parmar, is the sleeping partner at SPA. In a very short duration off time Oscar has grown to be a big influence in the office. His calm state of mind and Zen like abilities help unnerve the most stressful situations that are an inevitable part of the day in a bustling architectural office. In a world full of competition Oscar stands as an example for all SPA members that a lot can be achieved through the simple pleasures of life and the race in the end is only with one’s self.