Shakti Parmar and Associates



Shakti Parmar and associates is a dynamic firm of Architects and Interior designer committed to the application of a high quality of design in creating architecture and interior spaces that are imaginative, functional and sophisticated. The firm has an efficient team of experience and accomplished architects and designers with a philosophy of team action.

This gives the clients the depth of services required in the complex engineering of modern day structure and environmental interior spaces. The firm works closely with a team of specialists for all the structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, landscaping services and other aspects of the structure.

The firm has had a vast and varied experience in designing many different types of projects like townships, hotels, restaurant, clubs, hospitals, factories, high-rise commercial and residential complexes, banks, supermarkets, exhibition, hostels, individual bungalow etc. besides a rich experience in space planning and interior designing both in India as well as abroad.